Navigation Technologies for JOZ Stable Robots


JOZ Stable Robots, including models like MOOV2.0 and Barn-E, have traditionally relied on RFID transponders for navigation within stables. For future robots, there is a need to eliminate the need for any infrastructure in the stable. As the robotics landscape evolves and the demand for robots to freely navigate across farm grounds increases, there is a need for a navigation overhaul. This project aims to explore and implement advanced navigation technologies to meet these demands.


The intern will be an integral part of the team working on the project to revamp the navigation system of JOZ Stable Robots. They will focus on researching, evaluating, and prototyping advanced navigation solutions, ensuring they are adaptable, compliant with safety standards, and suitable for a range of robotic functionalities.

Key Responsibilities

– Research & Evaluation: Investigate potential advanced navigation solutions, comparing them against the current RFID-based system.
– Prototyping: Assist in developing a Proof-of-Concept Prototype of a JOZ robot with the new navigation technology.
– Software Integration: Work on preliminary software integration with ROS2.0 for the new navigation technology.
– Documentation: Contribute to the Comprehensive Evaluation Report, Feasibility Analysis Document, and other relevant reports.
– Stakeholder Engagement: Participate in workshops, presentations, and feedback sessions, ensuring the project aligns with stakeholder needs.

Learning outcomes

– Gain hands-on experience in robotic navigation technologies, ROS2.0 in particular.
– Understand the challenges and intricacies of transitioning from automated guided vehicles
(AGV) to autonomous mobile robots (AMR).
– Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team and engage with key stakeholders.
– Contribute to a real-world project with significant business implications.

Desired profile

– Studying in a relevant field (e.g., Robotics, Electronics, Computer Science).
– Basic knowledge of ROS2.0.
– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
– Effective communication and teamwork abilities.

Mentorship & support

The intern will be mentored by a Software Engineer at JOZ. Regular check-ins, feedback sessions, and
guidance will be provided to ensure the intern’s growth and contribution to the project.

Key Milestones

– Completion of initial research and submission of findings.
– Development of the first prototype.
– Preliminary software integration with ROS2.0.
– Final presentation highlighting the intern’s contributions and learnings.

Application process

Interested candidates should send their CV and a cover letter detailing their interest in the project and
any relevant experience to Matthijs Bos, Lead Software Engineer at JOZ via Feel free to
call for any questions at +31 228 566 500.




September/ februari

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‌JOZ ontwikkelt en levert technologisch hoogwaardige producten voor iedere moderne stal of veehouderij.


Matthijs Bos / Joep Tummers

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‌JOZ ontwikkelt en levert technologisch hoogwaardige producten voor iedere moderne stal of veehouderij.
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